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KEI is a school for educating and equipping individuals through training done educationally and experientailly in a Holy Spirit atmosphere. Equipping involves study, mentoring, interaction, and impartation. KEI courses may be taken for self-growth, or to progress towards a certificate or certification program. The objective is to be fruitful, to excel, and reproduce in the destiny in which God has designed for you.


KEI is a school for equipping and developing individuals in their 5-fold ministry calling, as well as training in the ministry of the supernatural, including inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance. 


KEI's vision is to globally advance God's Kingdom by equipping the saints through innovative educational opportunities.

Hearing the Voice of God

September 27-28, 2019
KFirst Assemblies of God

This class teaches the basics of how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, done through teaching about the revelatory and vocal gifts. Practical Application and experiential learning will take place during each class period. In partnership with Kalamazoo First. Prerequisite for School of the Prophetic Block I

Ministers In Training

September 13,14 - September 18-19, 2020

The School of Ministers in Training is designed to build a solid foundation in the word of God, teach the importance of servant leadership and to identify spiritual giftings and 5-Fold Ministry calling. (Prophetic Block I  required for completion)

School of Eldership


School of Eldership is designed to equip those called to 5-Fold Ministry leadership. It's primary focus is to bring maturity in the office of the 5-Fold, develop strong leadership skills, impart kingdom strategies and equip with a greater knowledge and depth of the Word of God.

School of Apostolic

January  10-11, 2020- May 8-9, 2020

This course is designed for anyone in understanding the office of the Apostle and those who operate in the gift of the apostolic. It will give you clear understanding of the graces of the Apostolic including: but not limited to walking in authority, power, order, your assignment, teaching, leading, equipping and serving. 

2019 Prophetic Block I

2019 Prophetic Block II

2019 Prophetic Block III

Prophets and Pitfall + 10 M's

Releasing the Prophetic
July 27, 2019, October 5, 2019

To complete the application process for one of the KEI courses please click below to download the application. and pastoral reference.